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Simple Marketing With a Purpose

Updated: Jan 24

Whether you own a small business with a physical location or your business offers online services, your marketing should generate measurable leads, find prospective customers, and create opportunities for business growth.

To make your marketing effective and comprehensive, it is important to involve the key members of your company in the strategic planning process. That will require you to meet with your team several times a year, so you can create goals, lay out a strategy, develop a plan, and discuss how you intend to execute that plan.

Strategy Questions:

  • Who is your target core customer?

  1. Demographics

  2. Behaviors

  3. Interests

  4. Connections

  • What solutions are you offering to their problems?

  • How is your value proposition reinforced?

  • Who are the key members you need to include in the strategic planning process?

  • What goals / KPIs do you need to discuss?

  1. Revenue growth

  2. Revenue per client

  3. Profit margin

  4. Client retention rate

  5. Customer satisfaction

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